The Transylvania Trust is a registered charity, set up by conservation professionals and volunteers in 1996. Our principal aim is to conserve and promote Transylvania's rich and diverse built heritage, to encourage society to be receptive towards the built environment. The Trust is active in all fields of conservation: data recording, inventory, survey, building restoration, maintenance, training, and also scientific research.
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  • Press Release - Bánffy Day at Bonțida Castle
    20 september 2017

    On September 24, after a summer full of camps and artistic residencies, Bánffy Castle, Bonŝida opens its doors once again for families and all art lovers alike.

  • Castellarte
    19 september 2017

    On 23-24 September 2017, the Transylvania Trust will hold the final event of the ARTEC project at the Arts and Crafts Centre in Bánffy Castle, Bonțida.

  • The restoration workshop is finished
    08 september 2017
    The educational programme of the Transylvania Trust, aimed at students in the fields of architecture, structural engineering, landscape architecture, archaeology, art history, craftsmen in the construction industry, as well as other interested people, was held between 30 July and 13 August 2017. The goal of the workshop organised at Bánffy Castle, Bonŝida, is to revive and train in traditional crafts in the field of construction, in an intercultural context.